адвокат, адвокат предпринимателей, тарасов максим, адвокат владивосток
lawyer of entrepreneurs
I have been working with businessmen for seven years.
Protecting assets, business and freedom
Partner Disputes
Divorce proceedings
Criminal cases

For 7 years of working with businessmen, I have become convinced that they are different from ordinary people: both thinking and approach in asset management. That is why I explain our strategy in clear language with an understanding of the details of your specifics.
On the same wavelength as the entrepreneur
I value my trustees' time, so I have built all the processes so that you spend the minimum of your time doing your tasks while I do your business.
Minimal meetings, maximal result

The specificity of my principal's activities obliges me to use secure communication channels and information transmission tools. Therefore, you can be sure that for "special cases" we use "special software", and not a phone call or WhatsApp correspondence.
Absolute privacy
I am always happy to have you in my office, in the city center with a great view, but the entrepreneurs are busy people for whom mobility is important. That is why we can build all the communications remotely, without wasting your time on the road.
Online instead of traffic jams and parking search
Maksim Tarasov
Lawyer of the Asia-Pacific Bar Association of the Lawyers Chamber of the Primorskii Region
Registration number 25/1992 in the register of lawyers of the Primorsky Region, carries out activities in accordance with the Federal Law dated 31.05.2002 No.63-FZ "On Advocacy and Bar in the Russian Federation"
In 2009 graduated from the Faculty of Judicial and Prosecutorial Studies of the Law Institute of the Far Eastern State University.

Awarded by Russian Federal Chamber of Lawyers and Chamber of Lawyers of Primorsky Krai
Laureate of the competition "The best individual lawyer's website"
I constantly improve my qualifications in the leading institutions of the country
Author of publications and comments of federal and regional media on topics from my specialization
Accredited expert of the legal aid platform "Sberpravo"
For more than 7 years, I have been working with entrepreneurs, understanding their specifics and assisting in resolving disputes in fateful cases.

Partner Disputes

  • Pre-Partnership Arrangements
  • Conclusion of a pre-business marriage contract
  • Dispute resolution in case of business closure
  • Separation of the husband's share in bankruptcy
  • Arbitration Disputes
  • Other Partnership Disputes by Agreement

Divorce proceedings

  • Prospects for the conclusion of a marriage contract and an agreement on the division of property
  • The division of joint property
  • Determination of the child's place of residence
  • Recovery of alimony in a solid monetary form
  • Determining how parental rights are exercised
  • Other family disputes by agreement

Criminal cases
initiated as a result of the investigative activities

  • Accusation of giving/receiving/mediating a bribe
  • Abuse or abuse of authority
  • Economic crimes
  • Other criminal cases by agreement

First consultation with warranty

  1. Three options for resolving the issue
  2. Complete understanding of the risks in your business
  3. Recommended action plan
  4. Cost of the whole process
  5. List of recommended specialists and companies for independent dispute resolution
  6. Delicious coffee for a frank and private conversation
  7. Office with personal parking in the city center
  8. List of required documents for dispute resolution and
all this can be done online

Pretrial Intelligence

At this step, we minimize the risks of the dispute. Our task: to prepare for the trial, to formulate a clear and clear position based on evidence.

Depending on the dispute before the trial, you will know:
  1. Value of property to be divided
  2. Personal or community property of spouses
  3. Psychological portrait of a child in relation to each parent
  4. The amount of income taken into account when assigning alimony in a solid monetary form
  5. What agreement is more profitable to conclude at the stage of entering the business
  6. What should not be done if bankruptcy is imminent
  7. Precautionary measure and consequences of criminal prosecution
  8. Counsel investigation as an alternative way of looking at the facts of the case

Court or settlement agreement

Submission of you to the court with all the prepared information. Often it is through pre-trial preparation that it is possible to conclude a settlement agreement and agree without litigation, and in case of criminal suspicion, to form a belief that the principal is not involved, but if they take place, then:

  1. I propose a strategy that we will work on in order to achieve a result that will satisfy you
  2. You receive guaranteed qualified legal assistance, confirmed by the status of a lawyer and continuous professional development
  3. I accompany you throughout the process until the final decision on the case, no matter how long it takes
  4. We get a result that satisfies us, and if not, we adjust the strategy, prepare an appeal and continue to defend our position, but in another court
Division of property in court
Lawyer Maksim Tarasov represented the interests of the woman whose husband sold the property of the spouses. 
As a result, the court awarded the woman decent monetary compensation
Termination of the case under Art. 228 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation 
Lawyer Maksim Tarasov defended the man who was accused of possession of drugs. 
As a result, the criminal case was terminated, the man was released from custody with the right to rehabilitation
Release from custody under Art. 111 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.
Lawyer Maksim Tarasov defended the man who was accused of causing serious injuries to the victim. 
As a result of the defense during the investigation and trial, the principal was released from custody on bail.
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