Vladivostok-based Lawyer

Maksim Tarasov
Maksim Tarasov
Lawyer of Asia-Pacific Bar Association, Primorsky Krai Law Society

The Lawyer’s profile

Tarasov Maksim Olegovich – a lawyer of Asia-Pacific Bar Association of Primorsky Krai Law Society. Registration number with the Primorsky Krai Law Society Register of lawyers – 25/1992.

You may need professional legal assistance in a variety of situations. Lawyer Maxim Tarasov will help you to resolve difficult life situations. The lawyer specializes in protecting clients in criminal cases initiated as a result of criminal investigation activities, as well as representing the interests of spouses in divorce proceedings. Lawyer Maxim Tarasov constantly improves his qualifications in accordance with specialization in the field of criminal, family and international law.

Maxim Tarasov was awarded by the Russian Federal Bar Association (RFBA) for high professionalism in protecting clients’ rights, freedoms and legitimate interests and by the Primorsky Krai Law Society for an active position in hearings in courts of appeal and cassation instances.

The Lawyer’s facts

Legal practice since 2007

Focused specialization

The Lawyer improved his qualifications at leading legal institutions in Russia

Some cases in my legal practice

Criminal prosecution for the storage of narcotic substances (Part 2 Art. 228 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

My client was released from custody and criminal prosecution against him was terminated in connection with his non-involvement on exonerative grounds.

Criminal prosecution for embezzlement of public funds (Part 3 Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

The criminal case was discharged on exonerative grounds.

A mother did not let a father communicate with their minor children.

Despite the fact that the father and his children live far from each other, the court determined the order of their interaction using means of communication.

Criminal prosecution on the fact of giving a bribe to a police officer (Art. 291.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

The criminal case was dropped.